A question

The finely inlaid portal of the local church was so heavy that she needed her two hands to push it. Opening the last two buttons of her bright red coat, she went to sit on one of the last banks to keep her intrusion in the unfamiliar building at a minimum. She unconsciously tried to use as little air as possible, keeping the breathing tight in her chest, then taking short sipping breaths through her nose as quietly as possible. The dim light and her blurry vision made her squint her eyes to see the interior. She looked around a few more minutes, her mouth drawing a grimace to help the eyes see. Peace was eluding her. Here as much as anywhere else. Peace was an act of faith, and she never had that. She got up and made a mental note to ask her father why she had not been taught about faith. Maybe he will tell her. He will be there in his hospital bed eager to tell her anything she wants to know. And she will ask, why did you have to die?

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