I have always been a creative person but I mostly kept my work for myself. My creations, ranging from interior decoration, furniture design, earrings, clothing, were mostly aimed at making myself at home in a new flat or at giving me that extra touch in my accessories.

But writing was there before all that. It all started with letters: I had several penfriends when I was young and friends and family have been the recipients of many of my handwritten letters. It evolved in writing poems and later in stories about the life in the countries I lived in.

Lauca - Author

Lauca – Photo by Kay Abaño

In 2020 the intense wish to dedicate more time to writing and create stories brought me to start this website. I wanted to discover how it feels to write a book from start to end and since then I have published my first novel, Returning East and a micro stories collection. It has been both rewarding in terms of writing as well as a great learning process. It was not only about the writing craft but also about all the necessary knowledge needed to self-publish a book. 

Forward to 2023, I still want to grow in my writing and I have a clear plan and goal for this year (see here) but I will also take the time to develop in another direction from my present job. I am very passionate about qigong (www.qibloom.de) and I would like to specialize in medical qigong as well as in nutrition.

I am very excited about this coming year and looking forward to see what I am able to create.

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