A journey through all the fails and difficulties on the road to (self) publishing

Willing to fail

You have a project, an idea for a book or any other creative goal and you have been already working on it. In flame, you put hours in your project, writing a book which will win a prestigious prize, creating something which becomes household’s name, eventually getting wealthy through your efforts.

The compelling desire to deliver excellence, push you forwards. You spend long hours planning, writing, designing, researching.

But it is not good enough.

You do more reworking, fine-tuning, you look for the latest tool or strategy to reach the ultimate perfection.

But it will never be good enough.

There will always be a certain amount of uncertainty, there will always be room for improvement, even if with time and experience, the gap will get smaller and smaller.

You need to accept the discrepancy between the ideal version of your work, and what you can deliver now.

Your work should reflect the very best you have with the knowledge and experience you have now.

And maybe it won’t be as good as you wish, but you have to accept to fail.

Through the fails, you will know where you need to make it better to reach your goal of delivering excellence.

Especially complex projects require time. This is why you do a draft, and you keep editing until you reach a certain result. But it is ok if your book does not get a prize, yet.

It is ok if your work gets criticized. Just remember that the reviews are for your work, not for your person. And you can improve your work.

But you have to go out there and show what you have. Nobody is coming to knock on your door and tell you they love your work, because nobody will know your work if you don’t put it out there.

Don’t hide. Show it.

I know that it can freak you out but do it anyway, because there is no shame in trying.

Thus, here I am: with no writing history, I am putting out my work, in a language which is not mine, ready and willing to fail at all levels: with the website, its content, its technical aspects; with the story writing, its structure, its characters; with the language and its grammar, its style…Each time I write, is a learning opportunity and I love it.

So, come with me on this journey through failures, which will take me to publish and sell my first book.

In the meantime, I thank those who already pointed out to some typos and grammar mistakes, which I duly corrected :D!

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