The editing process Blog

The editing process

What is editing? As I slowly approached the end of my book, I faced the editing dilemma. What is it? Is working on a draft considered editing? Or is i…
The worth of one step Blog

The worth of one step

As I mentioned already, I schedule my writing sessions, to make sure that I sit down in front of the computer and do something, possibly in the direct…
Yin and yang Blog

Yin and yang

I have written a few micro stories which came out in a moment of reflection, during a time when my father had some health issues. I imagined myself ho…
When is it good enough? Blog

When is it good enough?

Most of us are familiar with the thought “it is not good enough”, whether you are doing something creative or not. When you are writing a book, this t…
The language you write Blog

The language you write

I read a short while ago the book from Jhumpa Lahiri “In other words”, where she tells story of her relationship with the Italian language. English mo…
First fail: website Blog

First fail: website

My website was supposed to be online in March 2020. I had time scheduled in my calendar to create it: twenty hours. More than half of those hours have…
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