Micro story

Creation Micro story


It was an evening like many, a shared homely meal, telling each other how our respective day went. But after dinner Lise poured herself another glass …
Silence Micro story


A young father was sitting next to a child, whose cute face seemed be the exact replica of his father. Father. They sat silent side by side, yet deep …
Look for danger Micro story

Look for danger

A young man swallowed the stairs and stop a few steps from me, waiting for the next metro. His hair were an unusual hue of blond, cut short on the sid…
Code 7500 Micro story

Code 7500

Four numbers ruined my life. After they had been spoken, nothing went the way I planned. I know, I, I should be thankful that I still had a life, whic…
Everywhere nowhere Micro story

Everywhere nowhere

He was lost in a foreign land. The sweetness of its landscapes and the vibrant harmonies of songs and music filled the air and yet there was an unfulf…
One hour Micro story

One hour

Let me rest just for one hour, even if once over, all will be the same. One hour in which gather my thoughts or leave them behind, one hour of existen…
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