Everywhere nowhere

He was lost in a foreign land. The sweetness of its landscapes and the vibrant harmonies of songs and music filled the air and yet there was an unfulfilled void inside of him. A compelling urge drew him away, far away, to countries where the world is like an unread book, its logic sometimes upside down, complex and yet very simple. He only had to take a breath the first time to know that he belonged to the indefinite and infinite unknown. Forever? Never. Now he knows that the same urge will pull him again, taking him from that part of the Earth to the other, fated to be on one side and miss the other, in a ceaseless schism tearing his whole being, creating two out of one, then three, then four…His nature was made of an accumulation of fractures, which he could not mentally mend, nor was it physically possible. He was everywhere at home, he was nowhere at peace.


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