Inspiration versus writing

Inspiration is the flame that pushes you writing, but the lack of it is what loves keeping you company; the only way to hush this unwanted friend is to punctually offer a few silly lines and tell yourself from the future, the story how you succeeded to write your book.


One day I was cooking, and a dialogue started forming into my head. I followed it to see where it was going. Dinner was soon ready, and I had to let the dialogue floating around me. As soon as I could, which is admittedly a very arbitrary moment in time for me, I grabbed my computer to write the dialogue; it flew from my brain along my nerves, reaching the tip of my fingers, which pressed the computer keys, letting the words pop up in front of me. It was one of those blissful moments, which are so sought after by creative minds, exciting and fulfilling.

Then another dinner time came up and I left my creation aside. I took it again later, wrote a little more, this time with less ease, and put it aside. Took it again, re-read, rewrite a few things, re-read and…sadness came over me: that evening in the kitchen did not offer me any suitable conclusion. I tried to cook the same dish again, twice, and once with the same cloths on, but the conclusion is still eluding me.

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But we all have those days where we sit in front of the computer and nothing happens. A string of such days builds up to create first fear, then panic, until you eventually dread to sit down at all.

Don´t give in to that fear. It is supposed to be there, to teach you how to become stronger and work through a spell of mental blockage. Your brain will tell you it has nothing to offer, but you don’t have to listen to it.

Just sit down.

Start writing: what you did that day, what you ate, who you spoke to, write about which kind of relationship you have with those you met during the day, write down what you might tell them about your project.

Keep writing, even if you see no point in describing your meal or how you picked up your grocery at the supermarket.

I can assure you that once your brain starts moving, it will offer you more thought. Even if maybe only 3% of the final result will be good enough to be used you will have achieved something precious: you will keep yourself motivated and you won’t dread sitting down next time.

You will be curious about what your brain will come up with.

This is my process when I don’t seem to be inspired. Just writing anything frees up my mind, allows me to spin a little, create new words, thoughts, flows and eventually, if not tonight, tomorrow I know will write a story or finish one.

Let me know how it works for you!

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