I went out to bed every night with my heart filled of hope, with my eyes full of tears. I cried for the dead, I dreamt for our world. Each day at least one distinguished person would urge to rethink the system. Each day at least two articles would prophesy the world from the other side would be different. Each day at least three speeches around the globe would stress the opportunity we have.

I believed, so strongly, for so many weeks, for so many days, heart full of hope and eyes full of tears.

I got to the other side and it is all changed. Upside down. I traded my freedom for safety, I traded my job for a protest vote, I traded my brain for the latest iphone. But I am not a bad person, because each night my heart fills with hope, and my eyes shed tears of death.

My brain encased in an iphone, I have not known I could have use it to shape hope in world I dreamt of and to exchange the tears of death for those of joy.

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