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This website was born from the need to establish a regular writing practice. I am not a full time writer and I wanted to find a way  to write on a regular basis. I committed myself to write at least 2 micro stories per month. I thought that this was manageable despite time constraints, and that it would sparkle my imagination as well as prompt me to observe the world around me, looking for inspiration.

They mostly are snapshots of everyday life, or exercises, and they have not been wholly edited. It’s the raw material that came out of my brain on certain days between my day job and the evening qigong or meditation session, when dinner has not drained all my time and energy and I am still fit to write a few lines.

Two years later I had enough micro stories to publish a collection. The collection is available for purchase as e-book on major resellers or you can have it for free when you subscribe to my newsletter. The benefit of the newsletter is that you will get regular update and behind the scenes of a writer’s practice and struggles, as well as news about promotions and releases.

Forward to January 2023, I decided to make a new leap. This year I want to concentrate on writing short stories, to be able to send to magazines and competitions. The main requirement of magazines and competition is to send unpublished material. For this reason I cannot post the short stories on the website any more, but my readers will get a few through the newsletter (another great reason to subscribe!).

The plan is great, but it will be challenging. I am much more slow to write short stories, they do require more editing and it is easier to get lost between one writing session and the other. My goal is to have at least 8 short stories this year.

There is another reason why I have to re-adjust my writing practice, and you can find it here: about me



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