Midnight snack

‘Again,’ he thought and opened slowly his eyes. He was annoyed that for a while she would come every single night to look for him. She would wake him up with her soft silver voice and ask him to go with her. Tonight, she did it again; he tried to ignore her for a while, closing his eyes and going back to sleep. But she would not give up. “Ok, ok, I come.” He jumped from his sleeping place and joined her, walking slowly together towards the kitchen. There, she approached her plain grey stone with a few holes in it; with dexterity she fished one piece of dry food and put it in her mouth, looking now and then at her partner. He sat down next to her, listening to the crunching of the dried food between her teeth.

“Why do you call me each time? Why do I have to come to see you eating?”

“I like to have company when I am eating. Why don’t you eat?”

“I have no food left because you ate the last three pieces in my bowl.”

“Oh, that was the other night. I was hungry.”

“Are you done? Can we go back to sleep?”

“No, no sleep! Let’s run for a while, I need to digest. Catch me!”

“No, wait…I don’t want to run. If one of them wakes up, I am the one who gets locked up.”

“I know, isn’t it funny?”

“Not really, but well…we only live seven times. Watch out, I am coming after you!”

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