School assignment

The teacher assignment was to describe the happiest day of our life. How can I do that, when I am only 12 years old? My life just started, and to be honest, I am not even really sure what happiness is. Yeah, sometimes I feel stoked but just for a while, not for a whole long day. Something always come up, mom yells at me, or my father yells at my mother, or by little brother is a pain again and does not let me watch my show. Sooo many things can go wrong in a day, that I wonder how one can have an entire happy day. I asked granny and she said she had a few happy days, like when she had my mother. If must wait to have a baby to be happy, what will life be until then? Besides, granny is 75 years old, she said she had 3-4 happy days in her life…it seems so little to me. What’s the point of it all then? I called Jenny, as usual, and asked her what she was writing. She doesn’t have happy days either, and I know because I am always there when she cries, and it’s every other day, when we see each other. She cries also when we don’t see each other, but then she calls me to tell me. She said she was going to write an imaginary day, like…what a happy day would be like if…But I know her, there will be lots of ifs in her story and I am not sure life works that way. At least, I do see happening very often. My parents are also quite fond of “ifs” but those things get true in…, I don’t know, very very seldom. Sometimes I think that putting an “if” before a sentence is almost a guarantee that that thing will never happen, you know.

In the end I decided to write the best next happy day, where I was happy most of the day. It was when the school started. I could see Jenny again, and my other friends. I had a nice new outfit my mother bought me during the summer, it was still warm so I could wear it and I felt terrific. And I saw the teachers and I am always excited to know what our schedule will be. Back home I could chat as much as I wanted because my mother wanted to know as well how it went. By dinner time things were spoiled again, but I guess I had at least 9 or 10 hours of happiness. If you count that I sleep 8 hours, that makes more than half the awaken time I was happy, not bad. I finished my assignment and told my granny about my happy day (can I call it that, even if it was not a full day?). She smiled and then she said I was lucky, because if the first day of school is what makes me happy, I had every year a happy day, and I would have many more to come. How cool, I did not think about it. I gave her a kiss and told her I was sorry to already have more happy days than she had. She did not mind though, she just smiled and gave me a hug. That’s also a happy moment, but it does not last the whole day and I cannot write about it, pity.


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