Self-publishing: marketing – podcasts

Once you publish your book, you realize that making your book available was just the tip of an iceberg in the process of actually presenting it to the world. Thousands of books are published every day and for unknown authors give your book visibility is a continuous and long process. I am still not finished exploring my options, but the one I have been found the most enjoyable and helpful is podcasting.  I was immediately taken by podcasting. I love how each interview sheds a different light on my book and my writing. Podcast hosts also love to have fun and laughing together is not unusual. It also teaches you to use your words and your voice to bring over your message or passion.

Whether you create your own podcast or are a guest in podcasts, this medium is fun, creates connections and can expand your soft skills (think about the technical side of it). Most of all being a guest in a podcast enhances your visibility as podcasts are available on the different platforms.

Specific paying platforms such as,, can help you find podcasts hosts and guests. While some podcast hosts podcasts are focused on one topic and only have big name guests, there are also plenty who are run by ordinary people who want to share their passions and inspire others.

They are open to guests who can bring their own experience and enthusiasm. It is also tremendous fun as well as sort of flattering…finally someone who asks you questions about book!

“One of my favourite things about podcasting is the combination of talking about a topic but also playing,” says Wayne Jones, host of the EditingWriting ( podcast (where I was also a guest). “I follow a loose outline to give the show some structure, but it’s a lot of fun to pick up on what a guest says and veer off on that tangent — or just to ad lib by myself when something occurs to me in the middle of an episode.”

I found this medium so fascinating that I even dared creating a few myself for the promotion “Awesome Asia” last year.

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