Crumbling cards Micro story

Crumbling cards

I click on the webpage, I can feel my heart increasing its beats by the seconds. I damn the internet connection, as slow as my grandmother when crossi…
Rift Micro story


My mother looked at the cat on my lap purring as if he had not seen me for days. “Cats know your mood before you know it yourself,” she said. I looked…
Utopia Micro story


The Seed Perfection peeked from the corner of the eye, its chin raised just a few inches, silent. No words were exchanged yet Next Best turned left an…
Standing still Micro story

Standing still

Standing still, like a tree, a rock, a mother holding her breath during the ultrasound inspecting the health of her unborn baby, a woman looking at he…
A new-born Micro story

A new-born

Sometimes I forgot. When my family was around, my smaller cousins running after each other, uncles and aunties laughing and sipping wine and beer, the…
Apart Micro story


What can you do? It was 2020, there was a pandemic. It is true, you can check Wikipedia, it will tell you everything. How people lived for weeks at ho…
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