relationship mother-daughter

Rift Micro story


My mother looked at the cat on my lap purring as if he had not seen me for days. “Cats know your mood before you know it yourself,” she said. I looked…
How to get a cookie Micro story

How to get a cookie

“Come, I tell you a story. Which one do you want to hear?” “Cinderella” “No, that’s a silly story. Two stupid girls who cut their feet to catch a man …
Feeling folding Micro story

Feeling folding

I heard my mom open the door. I kept playing with my Barbie and waited. If she shouted, she was home, I knew she would be a nice mom that night. If sh…
Unmoulded Short story


“How many children are born but never been loved?” The voice vibrated in the room like an echo, the woman’s gaze was lost in the emptiness, her face e…
Mom´s call Micro story

Mom´s call

I pick up the phone and see my widowed mother was calling. I look at my husband and say, “miracle happens, my mom managed to call me today” while I sw…
German streets Micro story

German streets

The first time she heard someone shouting after her, she did not notice immediately. She just kept on crossing the street, landing on the other side a…
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