Streaming flow Micro story

Streaming flow

Let’s not make any plans. That was the constant mantra my mother held to. I used to think that it was my mother’s way to ignore any requests or wishes…
A fishy marriage Micro story

A fishy marriage

He heard her clapping the computer and guessed she would come fuming to the kitchen. A split of a second later, there she was, opening the fridge and …
Unmoulded Short story


“How many children are born but never been loved?” The voice vibrated in the room like an echo, the woman’s gaze was lost in the emptiness, her face e…
Before the breakup Micro story

Before the breakup

They were looking out of the window without talking, leaning on one of the poles of the bus. Their bodies were close and almost touching each other, b…
Apart Micro story


What can you do? It was 2020, there was a pandemic. It is true, you can check Wikipedia, it will tell you everything. How people lived for weeks at ho…
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