The brain

“What are you looking for?” he asked his wife, seeing her busy searching the flat.

“My brain?”

“What do you mean, “your brain”, question mark? Are you or are you not looking for your brain? You don’t know what you are looking for?”

“Yes, yes, it’s my brain I am looking for.”

“Where did you leave it?”

“Gosh, if I knew it, I would not need looking for it.” She looked around with wondering eyes.

“Where did you see it, last time?”

“I don’t know. Would you help me looking?”

“Uff, ok. How does it look like?”

“Oh, not so sure.”

“How am I supposed to look for it, if I have no clue about how it looks,” he said raising his voice a notch.

“It is fairly new, I did not use it much.”

“When did you use it last time? And what do you need it for, anyway?” he asked with a frown.

“It’s election day, I need to go voting.”

“Oh, but you don’t really need one for that, do you?”

“Not really, but I always take it with me, in case someone complains.”

“Ach, don’t worry. If they ask, just shout loud the first slogan you like and you will be heard.”

“Is it so?” she asked excited.

“Yeah, try it. I did it countless time. When I bothered going voting, that is…”

On his handy, he scrolled in his Facebook profile to find an appropriate group.

“Here, take this one,” he said, “The earth is flat.” He kept scrolling. “No, this one is more appropriate: the virus was engineered as a population control scheme.”

“Really?” she asked, eyes wide open.

“Sure, it is written here. It must be the truth.”

“Aaah, yes, it makes sense. Ok, if you don’t mind my using it.”

“Not at all, not at all. Be my guest. Who are you going to vote for, by the way?”

“Oh, I don’t know his name. But it’s that nice looking man, with blue eyes, you know, the one who used to be an actor.”

“Good choice, let’s show the fucking elite that their job can be easily done by a common man.”

“I haven’t thought that, but maybe you are right. Oh, that’s my brain,” she said, taking it out from a whole behind the closet.

“Mmm, you’d better put it back, you really don’t need it. The air is quite humid, and it might get cold.”

“Yes, you are right. I heard it gets worn out, if you use it too much.”

“For sure, see how screwed those in power are…it’s the fault of their brains, I’m certain.”

She nodded, and put it back where she found it, happy to preserve its pristine state.


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