The man who stumbled

He started laughing but he soon noticed that around him nobody was laughing. A couple of persons turned to look at him, and soon they were staring at him. He wanted to point out to that guy close to the door who stumbled badly…it was funny how his body moved convulsively while he tried not to fall on the floor, his impassive face disfigured by his open mouth and curled nose. It was funny and yet nobody was laughing. The gazes were still fixed on him and he felt uncomfortable again, like that day when he asked a colleague at his new job how much he was earning. That time too he felt other people’s stare piercing him from all direction. He was confused, he did not know what was wrong, but he understood that it was not appropriate. Like that time, he wanted to apologize, but he lacked the right words. What a weird place, he thought, so many unspoken rules he did not know, so full of signs he did not get, and so many people who looked all the same. But he was going to spend the next three years of his life there, and he had to adjust. The bus stopped and he stood up jumping from his seat at the last moment to get out of the bus. The exit doors almost closed on him, he managed to slide through and breathing some fresh air, he made a mental note to himself not to laugh anymore.

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