The mother

Absorbed by the multitude of messages, news, pictures, notifications, advertising, chats and the latest shopping website, she was unaware of the speed of the bus. Suddenly a sharp braking. In slow motion the younger son, standing on the platform moved on the site to avoid being hit by the stroller where his brother was sleeping. At the latest moment, the older brother stretched one arm to avoid the stroller from tumbling, in vain. The banging of the toddler’s head on the floor triggered a chain reaction, a noise which reached the mother, who slowly raised her eyes and took in the scene. Her baby, screaming, on the floor. The older son, with a guilty face. The large body of the driver, who after stopping the bus, approached to check on the passengers.

“Why don’t you keep an eye on your child?” he shouted.

The toddler was now in his mother’s arms, the desperate cry of the tiny child covered the answer of the mother. The driver grumpily kept shouted on his way back to the driver’s seat.

The mother sat back with the baby on her lap, and circled him with her arms tight, tight. Tight enough to give her enough space in front of the baby’s body, to scroll the magical world contained in her smartphone.

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