Vzzzzzzt. The chat message sounded panicked.

“I cannot find our cat!!!”

“Did you look in the oven?”

“Whaaaat? You cooked our cat, you miserable bastard?!!”

“That’s an interesting idea. How do you think it will taste? I guess a little like rabbit, don’t you think?” click.

The phone started ringing wildly but he did not pick it up.

Vzzzzzzt. “You asshole unemployed slacker living a free ride!! If you ever touch a hair of my cat, you will find yourself with your ass on the street walk in an amen.

“Ahhh, your cat now…Our love is dead…” click.

Vzzzzzt. “You are dead if I cannot find the cat!”

“Have you considered that maybe he left you because he could not stand staying with you anymore?” click.

Vzzzzzt. “I clean his shit, I feed him, I gave him a warm place…no, my cat has no reason to leave me.”

“You might be surprised…” click.

He switched off his phone and put him in the pocket of his jacket. He grabbed his backpack and took out a small bag with a cute cat picture. Its shaking alerted the cat, who mewl lightly, his mouth salivating. He took a few kibbles and reached out to the cat in the pet carrier.

“We will be happy together, won’t we? No obligation between us, just love and compassion.”

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