Yin and yang

I have written a few micro stories which came out in a moment of reflection, during a time when my father had some health issues.

I imagined myself how someone would face death or an illness such as Alzheimer.

I wrote the micro story ‘A question’ early in June, when illness was still just a thought, while I wrote ‘Where are you?’ in July with a stronger awareness that the body is not immortal. The same day I wrote another, a micro story about depression, yet unpublished.

I passionately believe that one needs equal amount of positive and negative thoughts, to have a balanced view of whatever you are looking at: your work, your relationship, your life, the world in general. This is why that day, I did not want to conclude my writing session with two gloomy stories; thus, I wrote on purpose about something joyful, and the result is ‘Hidden treasure’.

Life has its bleak moments but there are also good ones; there is happiness in a sad moment, and there might be sadness in a happy moment.

Yin and yang, an endless cycle of light and dark, each containing its opposite.

From now on, my most yin and yang day will be at the end of July, when, on the same day, I will celebrate my wedding’s anniversary and light a candle for the anniversary of my father’s funeral.

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