Something was going on

Something was going on. Chief number one was unusually active, at a time where she should know that I need my sleep. I got up and went to sit on a corner of the bedroom, the one with the largest soft bed I ever managed to sleep on. From my spot I saw chief number one placing some stuff on my soft bed and wondered. She did not seem to want to stop, and as the pile grew and grew, I jumped to inspect the mess she was doing. I barely managed to sniff a corner that chief number one pushed me away. I tried two more times, but each time, she unlawfully ejected me. There was only one thing I could do. Lick my fur until I had to regurgitate, which I planned to do on the nice carpet in the room with the smaller but still soft bed. I was halfway through my plan when chief number two walked up and took over. I liked chief number two better, but he was powerless, and he seldom gave me something to eat. He was though more fun, had a nice smell and I could lick his face without jumping on a table. Such a shame he was a weak one. His strokes were calming my fury and as I offered him my belly, I thought that maybe I should become chief number two. At least I have claws, which is more than what he had. But a hierarchy shift still needed some fighting and I barely got enough to eat to survive. That was their strategy, keep me feeble to avoid confrontation, ah! But they don´t know me, I can fight back. I can. Maybe after this spa session. Or later…chief number one, afraid of my possible carpet puking, rightly cleared my bed and stuffed all that rubbish in a bag. My tactic worked. I will examine the bag, but first I need to make sure that my bed is still as soft as before. I freed myself from chief number two (another proof that I am stronger and should take his place) and jumped on the bed to inspect it. It looked ok, but who knows? I settled myself in the middle and prepared for a longer test. Life is hard, but work is work. I shall report later the test results.

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