The stage

 Five thirty pm. Time for the make-up session. Time to leave her identity behind and become another person. The shy, plump middle-aged woman would disappear to the sight for the rest of the evening, hidden behind a profusion of colours and hair spray. As magic, what is not visible does not exist, and the woman can decide on her fate anew. Maybe today she will feel like an aristocratic lady, feeling cheated by her mysterious lover. Or a loving mother caring for her children so much that she agrees to commit suicide to save them. The best part was though when she could feel young and carefree again, full of hope and plans for her future.

Ten thirty pm, time to go home. Her colourful mask is gone, the mirror of the changing room reflects her old self. No more plans, no more youth. On the way home, she is the anonymous, ordinary woman she has always been, her internal fire unreachable without the help of a make-up artist and a stage.

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