A pinky dream Micro story

A pinky dream

I always made a point of teaching my two children how to behave in public and to be open and compassionate towards others. When I noticed my 6-year-ol…
The poster Micro story

The poster

Look at me…don’t you see how beautiful I am? Look at my full breasts, pushing the thin fabric of this microscopic bikini top. Don’t you want that? Wha…
Morning coffee Micro story

Morning coffee

“Give me a sip,” I told to the neatly dressed man who was pouring a transparent liquid in his paper coffee cup. He startled, holding the small glass f…
Meditation III Micro story

Meditation III

“Ah, so you meditate as well, that’s awesome,” said her date, “me too.” She flashed a smile, nodding. Of course, she knew it. She chose his profile ac…
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