Unmoulded Short story


“How many children are born but never been loved?” The voice vibrated in the room like an echo, the woman’s gaze was lost in the emptiness, her face e…
Mom´s call Micro story

Mom´s call

I pick up the phone and see my widowed mother was calling. I look at my husband and say, “miracle happens, my mom managed to call me today” while I sw…
Yin and yang Blog

Yin and yang

I have written a few micro stories which came out in a moment of reflection, during a time when my father had some health issues. I imagined myself ho…
Where are you? Micro story

Where are you?

I forgot to look you in the eyes when you were talking to me because I was busy with my child who right that moment had to show me a toy. I forgot to …
A question Micro story

A question

The finely inlaid portal of the local church was so heavy that she needed her two hands to push it. Opening the last two buttons of her bright red coa…
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