Rift Micro story


My mother looked at the cat on my lap purring as if he had not seen me for days. “Cats know your mood before you know it yourself,” she said. I looked…
Before the breakup Micro story

Before the breakup

They were looking out of the window without talking, leaning on one of the poles of the bus. Their bodies were close and almost touching each other, b…
Apart Micro story


What can you do? It was 2020, there was a pandemic. It is true, you can check Wikipedia, it will tell you everything. How people lived for weeks at ho…
The call center Micro story

The call center

The LED panel showed one minute. She knew that the signal was not to be taken too seriously. Public transport companies often had its own system to de…
Vitruvian pose Micro story

Vitruvian pose

While lying down in your bed in a Vitruvian pose you feel the weight of the sky pressing on your body. This is the flipping moment where you can eithe…
Midnight snack Micro story

Midnight snack

‘Again,’ he thought and opened slowly his eyes. He was annoyed that for a while she would come every single night to look for him. She would wake him …
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