Creation Micro story


It was an evening like many, a shared homely meal, telling each other how our respective day went. But after dinner Lise poured herself another glass …
The garden house Micro story

The garden house

We moved in a couple of weeks ago. The house is only one store, and there was just one extra bedroom, in case my wife’s parents came to visit. The gar…
Child memories Micro story

Child memories

When I was a child, eating at the restaurant was no very common. Even when money had not been an issue, in the few golden years my parents had before …
First love Micro story

First love

My first love was not a man, but a city. A crowded, ugly and dirty city, where people never looked into each other’s eyes except for the occasional gl…
Feeling folding Micro story

Feeling folding

I heard my mom open the door. I kept playing with my Barbie and waited. If she shouted, she was home, I knew she would be a nice mom that night. If sh…
Unmoulded Short story


“How many children are born but never been loved?” The voice vibrated in the room like an echo, the woman’s gaze was lost in the emptiness, her face e…
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