Morning coffee Micro story

Morning coffee

“Give me a sip,” I told to the neatly dressed man who was pouring a transparent liquid in his paper coffee cup. He startled, holding the small glass f…
Standing still Micro story

Standing still

Standing still, like a tree, a rock, a mother holding her breath during the ultrasound inspecting the health of her unborn baby, a woman looking at he…
Unmoulded Short story


“How many children are born but never been loved?” The voice vibrated in the room like an echo, the woman’s gaze was lost in the emptiness, her face e…
Meditation I Micro story

Meditation I

I opened my eyes slightly, just enough to let some light reach my retina to distinguish the bodies sitting still next to me. I moved my eyes right and…
The call center Micro story

The call center

The LED panel showed one minute. She knew that the signal was not to be taken too seriously. Public transport companies often had its own system to de…
Isolation Micro story


I went out to bed every night with my heart filled of hope, with my eyes full of tears. I cried for the dead, I dreamt for our world. Each day at leas…
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